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Can I be real? I don’t want to start by telling you that we are the greatest at window and door installing, most wonderful at deck building, and absolutely the best at siding out there. That is what everybody does. I believe we are, but that is beside the point. WHY SHOULD YOU BELIEVE WE ARE THE BEST?

My name is Troy Durfey and I am the owner and founder of Afterglow Exteriors. Growing up in a small town in Northwestern Ontario with little to no money in the household, I was forced at a young age to be creative if I wanted anything. Before I was old enough to get a formal job, I did lemonade stands. I shoveled driveways in -30 weather. I picked blueberries or pinecones (yes that’s a thing) in +30 weather. I built my first fence when I was 12, and my first deck was at 13. I was a guide at a fishing camp, and after that I worked every summer of high school in road construction. Then, one man changed the course of my life forever (ask me about the story… truly inspirational) and I got into sales, with renovations as a steady supplement to that. So what right! What does all this mean to you?

All of this experience boils down to one thing… WORK ETHIC.

What if you could have a contractor that:

· brought professionalism to an industry that was severely lacking it
· licensed, bonded, and insured
· was punctual
· had strict standards for communication so that you are NEVER left in the dark
· did what they said they would do

I firmly believe that there is a ton of skilled contractors out there, but ethics and professionalism in this industry can be hard to come by. Great for us, because that is where we shine! Our main focus:



Don’t take my word for it, try us and see for yourself. Any booking in the month of March with windows, doors, siding, decks, or fences over $5,000


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